A Perspective on the Global Economy in a Sea of Liquidity

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a meeting at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago and hear Komal S. Sri-Kumar, Ph.D the President of Sri-Komar Global Strategies. 

His articles have been published in the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal and he’s often interviewed on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business. Since 1997 he’s been Chairman of TCW's Comprehensive Asset Allocation Committee and continues to serve TCW clients in that capacity.

The presentation was on the Global Economy: In a Sea of Liquidity!

            A few of the topics he covered were his perspective on Washington’s gridlock, the US Treasury market, US unemployment, the Federal Reserve and its effects on the markets. He also discussed the European crisis and its effect on Emerging markets around the world. The presentation ended with a discussion of investment strategies and allocations to consider for what’s to come in an uncertain world for both a short and long term horizon.

From my perspective it’s great to have the opportunity over time to visit with and hear some of the great intellects of the investment management business.