Investment and Insurance Services We Use

 Mutual Funds

*Alternative Investments that include-

Business Development Companies

Equipment Leasing programs

Oil and Gas Royalty programs

Non-Traded REITs

*Alternative investments are only offered to sophisticated investors that meet minimum income, networth and other specific suitability requirements.

Bank CD’s and Money Market account’s

Money Market accounts denominated in foreign currencies

Retirement Accounts- Traditional and Roth IRA’s, Simple, SEP’s and individual 401k’s

Annuities: Variable annuities, Deferred and Immediate annuities with lifetime income choices

Life Insurance: Very competitively priced Life Insurance, including Term, Universal Life, Whole Life, and Variable policies.

Long-Term Care Insurance:   Comprehensive coverage that reimburses some or all of the costs of care received in settings such as the home, alternate living facilities or nursing facilities.

Disability Insurance or Health Insurance Products: covering total or partial disability of professionals, business executives, small business owners and individuals. Individual major medical coverage, short term policy or small group health coverage

Discounted Income Tax preparation for investment clients.